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5 Reasons To Support Thin Air Festival

  1. Maschoff Brennan Thin Air Park City
  2. We are lucky enough to have Maschoff Brennan partner with Thin Air Park City in 2017. Andrew Adams, Director of Marketing at Maschoff Brennan, gives us the top five reasons on why they have decided to support Thin Air.
  3. 1) Opportunity to enhance relationships with current clients

    Client retention is key and inviting those key clients to an outstanding event is a good way to continue the relationship. Use your sponsorship to continue or renew relationships with clients. The weekend gives ample time to reconnect and discuss business.

2) Invite potential clients to a world-class event

Along with fostering your current relationships, Thin Air hosts a variety of events that would be a stress-free way to interact with clients. Invite them to opening night and the conversation will likely spread to their business needs and how you might be able to help.

3) Support Innovation

This one goes without saying, but your sponsorship of Thin Air shows your company’s support of innovation and your commitment to it. It’s a great marketing tool to show prospective clients that you support them and the progress they’re making in their field.

4) Thin Air will only get better

Thin Air is still a toddler and there’s room to grow. Sponsoring Thin Air in its second year will allow your company to be involved in Thin Air for years to come. The inaugural event was an unbelievable success and that success will continue this year. Attendees will notice your company as a sponsor each year and you’ll be top of mind when they need your services.

5) You’re going to have a great time

We’re still talking about the connections we made and the fun we had at the 2016 Thin Air events and it will be the same for you. It’s a few days of non-stop fun while learning about cutting-edge ideas in beautiful Park City. There’s nothing better.