Let’s Take This Outside! 

A big part of Thin Air is taking the business outside to enjoy the sunny and snow-covered mountains of Park City.

Thin Air Experiences are unique, custom activities that we put together with a several of our adventurous partners and speakers. Highlights from Thin Air 2017 included:

Deer Valley Difference Ski Tour: Skiing with Olympians and leaders from Deer Valley Resort on a ‘ski tour experience’ that combines skiing with stories about the resort’s 36-year history that shaped the Deer Valley Difference.

Performance Under Pressure at Utah Olympic Park: A group of twelve Thin Air attendees were led by an elite team from the Army Special Forces Group (Green Berets) to experience a “military” exercise from mission brief, to execution to review. The focus was what business leaders can learn from Green Berets-style teamwork, always improving, improvising, and creating an atmosphere to do what others think is impossible.

Ride in Thin Air with Strava: A fun group ride around Park City’s scenic roads with senior executives from Strava.

Upcoming Experiences at Thin Air 2018

The program for other 2018 Thin Air Experiences will be announced soon.