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Thin Air Speakers In The News – Avi-on

Thin Air speakers Eric Miller‘s was recently featured by the Park Record. Read the entire article here.


Long before the term “internet of things” became popular to describe items connected to the web, Eric Miller was creating technology that would fit under that definition.

“He’s been building connected devices for 30 years in his career,” said Dana Kunz, Miller’s business and life partner. “He’s built wind farms and smart metering and other kinds of large-scale connected device systems long before that term came into existence.”

So perhaps it was natural that, when Miller was reading about Bluetooth specifications about four years ago, an intriguing idea took hold of him. What if, he wondered, he could use the technology to create a “mesh” network that allows lighting devices to interact with one another without the need for a single hub controlling it all?

It wasn’t long after that he and Kunz used that idea to create a technology company called Avi-on. Four years — and a move to Park City — later, the business is flourishing and is aiming to position itself as a major player in the internet of things.

Click here to read the rest of the story at the Park Record.